About us

About Us


The proprietrix of Sri Vannamayl, Ms.Mahalakshmi, with her experience in multiple fields of IT and Auditing has chosen the passion of to focuss her time in the field of art out of her passion for art. Being a qualified person in Art, she loves spending time with the kids and sharing her knowledge to them, in different forms of art.

Art is not just another hobby. We at Sri Vannamayl and Sri Dharshini KalaiKoodam believe that Art has an immense potential to be applied in all states of the art fields.

Focus on Art has a unique way of developing the power of Imagination, Concentration and Creativity which can only be experienced and not explained.

Knowing that each and every child has an individuality in expressing their passion and skills, at Sri Vannamayl we give individual attention to every child to stimulate and enhance those on them.

Classes are taught by practicing artists and experienced educators who are here to facilitate a fun, safe and relaxing learning environment.

Students take class in a space that is versatile and fun, allowing them to choose their own subject, materials and work at their own pace.